A Complete Guide: On-Campus Living & Off-Campus Housing near TCU

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Are you tired of constantly finding houses that do not suit your lifestyle? Or are you still deciding if you should go for on-campus living or off-campus housing? Well, worry no more; we are here to guide you about TCU off-campus housing and on-campus living.

Firstly, let’s go through everything that TCU offers and then determine what type of living is better for you.

A Small Ride To TCU:

  • Where is TCU Located?

TCU, also known as Texas Christian University, is a research university in Fort Worth, Texas. It was established in 1873, and the student population in 2023-2024 was about 12790. Texas Christian University is located on 272 Acres.

  • Popular Courses at TCU

Texas Christian University offers a wide range of courses, both bachelors and Masters. Some of the most popular courses at TCU include Business Management, Journalism, Communication, Psychology, and Biomedical Sciences.

  • Applying to TCU:

You can go to the website and easily apply by submitting all your documents according to their requirements. You have to submit a minimal application fee for your application submission. 

  • TCU ranking and acceptance rate

According to the World Report, in 2024, TCU was ranked 89 among National Universities. Texas Christian University’s acceptance rate is 56.1%, which makes the University highly selective of its students. 

  • On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Housing at TCU

 Are you worried about what options to choose from On-campus and TCU off-campus housing? Well, take a back seat and worry no more because Purple Housing is here to help you. We will compare both options and see what is better for you to choose from. 

Pros of On-Campus Living:


The first benefit of on-campus living is that you will get to meet people and interact. You will not have a hard time bonding, and it will benefit your studies.

No Food Worrie:

When moving out of your house, your primary concern is food because who can live without delicious meals? There are cafeterias in on-campus living where you can find healthy food options.

Get Extra Sleep With Fewer Responsibilities:

On-campus living means living next to your university, which means getting those ten extra minutes of sleep. You also do not have to worry about added responsibilities like washing clothes or cooking.

Cons Of On-Campus Living

Different behaviours:

Choosing to live on campus means facing different people every day. Having a bad roommate can be anyone’s worst nightmare and one of the most troubling things about this type of living.

Less Independence:

When you are living in a residence given by the University, you will also have to abide by their rules, which means losing your independence at their hands. 


On-campus living is not as cheap as it might seem. When you live in a residence that offers many facilities, you surely need to pay more. 

On-Campus Application Process and Cost:

If you are looking for on-campus living in TCU, you will have to submit your application through my.tcu.edu on their housing portal. The average cost of on-campus living in TCU is around 15000$ for room and board. This can also vary depending on different factors.  

Pros of Off-Campus Housing:

Cost Effective:

Being a student all you want to do is save money, and what is better than choosing option like TCU Off-campus Housing? It will save you money because you can choose to live in whatever cost you want.

No Moving Every Day:

Like dorms and apartments, with off-campus housing, you do not have to move every day. You can live in one place for as long as you wish to without worrying about shifting every six months. 

No Privacy Compromise:

With off-campus living, you will not have to compromise your privacy. You can live freely in a private place according to your rules and regulations. 


You Will be On Your Own:

Living alone can be all fun and games until you fall sick and have nobody to take care of you. Living off-campus means managing everything on your own, even when you do not want to do it.

Commute Every Day:

If you choose a property slightly away from your campus, you will have to travel every day. This also means waking up extra early and paying those extra pennies. 

Missing Out:

Not being able to catch up on that fun dorm life can add to the cons. You might also miss out on some really fun once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

Finding Your Perfect Off-Campus Home:

There are various platforms where you can find off-campus housing, like Purple Housing, TCU area housing, Apartment Finder, Apartment List, and Diggz. You can choose off-campus housing through all these websites, but to mention the best, we will say Purple Housing can be your saviour. Purple Housing is a real estate famous successfully led by a TCU student that will help you find a residence for TCU off-campus Housing according to your choices and priorities. Every year, hundreds of students find their houses turned homes through Purple Housing. 

Average Living Costs: 

The average cost of off-campus housing can range between $2500 and $4000. It also varies depending on your choices, such as the size of your apartment, the location, and the things you want to add to your house. 

What To Consider When Choosing TCU off-campus Housing:

You will have to consider a few things when choosing off-campus housing. The first thing that you need to focus on is your budget; always make a proper budget before making any decision.

After that look for what you necessarily need in a house and what you can miss. Alongside that, look for the distance that you will have to cover when traveling. After being sure of all your wants and needs, make a firm decision and get yourself a house that you can change into a home. 

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