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Need local experts to help to discover your finest home? Visit Purple Housing with a professional TCU Real Estate and TCU Property Consultant who will help you find and investigate all the accessible rental houses available along with rental properties in your general vicinity. Purple Housing continues to work harder, day and night to make your lives easier in Texas City.  The experienced and devoted team has found a new residence for foreigners and locals who wish to study at Texas Christian University or either want to reside in the locality. Our up-to-date catalog and highly researched information regarding every development near the area will make it simple for you to select your house in minutes. Purple Housing owns private houses around the Texas Christian University which will further facilitate you in renting houses. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Purple Housing, without a doubt has become a veteran in the field of real estate and rent-a-house business. With advances in technologies, we’ve also innovated our way of dealings and now capably carry out the business utilizing the web search tools to facilitate our clients in every possible manner.


As you’ve finally decided to move out and find a new home for yourself, let us inform you of the possible procedures you will have to follow:


In case you’re a student and have just been admitted to Texas Christian University, you better find a roommate. It’ll make it easier to share the budget and the routine events.

Establishing a Budget

Having a financial plan set up can help students anticipate accordingly. Research about utilities and rent costs of the area to make an exact evaluation.

Conducting the Search

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start the search.

Evaluating the options

Purple Housing has quite enough options to choose from, so think well and get the best!

Signing a lease

Once you have decided on a place, it’s time to sign. We encourage students to read the lease thoroughly and document any agreements made.


We, as a firm realize that individuals need ample time to make decisions so we provide them the time to think and evaluate and them come up with conclusions, without setting unnecessary pressure on our clients. Once the confirmation by our clients is done, we provide every kind of assistance to let the client comprehend the deal. We make sure not to sign any sort of unsatisfactory provisos, additional installments or bizarre ways the lease may attempt to partition you from joy. Our clients are free to take their time to thoroughly understand the agreement before making it final.


With the best customer care strategies, Purple Housing is highly appreciated for its transparency, sound tariffs, genuine agreements, and above all mere honesty. We have been the choice of consumers because of our individual consideration and consumer loyalty. We live and work here in the locality of Texas Christian University, so rest assured your requests, concerns, and queries will be administered promptly and cordially by the management itself.





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