TCU Off-Campus Living: Crunch the Numbers, Find Your Perfect Fit

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Starting a new chapter of life with college charm is an exciting thought. But what about scary dorm experiences? And budget? If you are thinking of living on campus, ditch your thoughts now! Believe it or not, on-campus living is going to suck your money. You will have no cash in your pocket while bills keep coming to your door. So, what’s better? The most straightforward answer is off-campus living. So, in this blog, we are going to answer the most frequently asked questions about off-campus living.

  • How much does it cost to live off-campus at TCU?
  • Is it more expensive to rent furnished?
  • Is it best to let it be furnished or unfurnished?

Yeah, these questions always come to mind when you plan to move off-campus. Look! There are thousands of apartments near TCU available for rent at affordable prices. So there is no need to pay for expensive dorms. However, if you are considering how much it costs and your choice of furnished or unfurnished,. Don’t worry; Purple Housing is here to assist you in making a good decision. 

How Much Does It Cost to Live Off-Campus at TCU?

The cost of rental apartments near TCU depends on multiple factors. And pinpointing just a single price is worthless. For instance, the significant factors that define the prices are:

  • Location: Prices vary from location to location in Fort Worth, Texas. If you buy a house close to campus, it will cost you slightly more than buying one within biking distance.
  • Apartment Size: Size is a significant factor that directly affects the cost and rent of an apartment. A two-bedroom house with a small backyard lawn will cost about $1554. A four-bedroom house, on the other hand, will set you back between $3500 and $4000. 
  • Amenities: Access to amenities is another factor that directly affects the cost of living. 

Is It More Expensive to Rent Furnished?

The short answer is “yes!”. Furnished apartments include furniture, electronics, and amenities, making them more expensive than unfurnished ones. However, furnished apartments near TCU are always in demand, and living in them is a breeze. For instance, if you are a person who likes to move things infrequently and wants to avoid buying your own furniture and electronics,. It’s better to go with a furnished apartment. 

In addition to that, the cost depends on the size of the house and the level of furnishing. If you are comparing an unfurnished house with a furnished one, yeah, these are expensive. Nobody is going to throw in furniture for free. 

Is It Best to Let It be Furnished or Unfurnished?

The answer solely depends on your lifestyle. There is no definitive answer to fit all situations, as there are different needs and demands of people, and a definitive answer will be a lie. Let’s compare both to see what suits your lifestyle:

Furnished Apartments:

Furnished apartments near TCU are more costly than unfurnished ones. It’s suitable for short-term stays and for families who don’t have budgeting problems. Furthermore, these apartments keep you free from the hassle of buying and setting up furniture and electronics. However, you need more furniture choices, and sometimes you have to pay for amenities that are useless to you.

Unfurnished Apartments:

Unfurnished apartments for rent near TCU are more flexible and budget frienldy for long term stays. You get the choice to take your own furniture in. Furthermore, there is no damage deposit fee, unlike furnished ones and you don’t have to pay extra for pieces of furniture that are useless. 

Final Wrap-Up:

Living off-campus is a great experience. If you are someone who studies at TCU or works there, you should give off-campus living a chance. You will be amazed by how many options you can explore. Furthermore, if you need help to rent a place, then contact us. We have fantastic deals to fit your lifestyle. So, ditch the dorm drama and embrace the freedom (and affordability!) of off-campus living at TCU. Explore your options today and find your perfect nest! We’ve got the key to unlocking amazing deals for both budget bees and spendthrift butterflies!

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