Tips for Touring Apartment Around TCU and Negotiating Rents

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Ready to shift from your current home to a new one? Shifting to a new place can be exciting and stressful, too. Stress and fear can’t be eliminated, but you can minimize them by considering them properly and making informed choices. It’s understandable that negotiating prices and comparing amenities and other demands can be overwhelming, but this guide will equip you with the essential tips for touring apartments around TCU and confidently negotiating your rent. 

Walking Through the Apartment

Here we are considering that you have already shortlisted the apartments. Now, we are going to inspect the apartment and observe the area around it. Are you impressed by the vibrant imagery and facilities mentioned in the ads? Now is the time to check things out in the apartments around TCU in person.

Step 1: Make a Check List:

Remember that alluring advertisement? Keep the aforementioned facilities in mind and proceed to confirm them. In addition, list the essential amenities and facilities you require and look for an apartment that meets your needs. 

Step 2: Inspect the Condition:

Pay attention to the overall condition of the apartment. Are the walls painted and free of cracks or stains? Is the flooring clean and in good condition? Is there anything that needs to be updated or repaired? Forth Worth is a well-saturated area with old buildings. That’s why a careful inspection of apartments around TCU is viable. 

Step 3: Check Kitchen and Bathrooms:

Tiny kitchens may look good, but they’re not going to work at all, especially if you have a family or friend to live with. Chopping vegetables, prepping ingredients, and laying out dishes for plating becomes a constant juggling act. So it’s better to look for a kitchen that suits your needs. Furthermore, taps and electronics should be checked in these areas. 

Step 4: Ask About the Safety Features:

Security is a must-have, so it’s a good idea to ask about it. Ensure that every door has deadbolts. Furthermore, are there security cameras and a well-lit parking lot? 

Step 5: Noisy Level:

Some people are less tolerant of loud noises. So its better to keep a check on noise. Do you hear traffic noise inside the house, and are there noisy neighbors nearby?

Step 6: Storage Space:

Make sure you have enough storage; otherwise, you will be unable to clean up your mess. Ensure you get multiple cabinets and a small storehouse to keep things clean. 

Negotiate like a Pro:

When you are done with the inspection, keep note of everything, take videos and photographs, and prepare yourself for the negotiation process. Here are some quick tips to follow when negotiating rent:

Be Prepared to Walk Away:

Know your budget and be prepared to walk away if the landlord isn’t open to lowering the rent. There is nothing to be afraid of when walking away from negotiation. You can find numerous apartments around TCU that are within your budget and in good condition. 

Offer Incentives:

If your landlord is hesitant to lower the rent, consider offering them additional incentives. Such as signing a longer lease agreement and offering a larger security deposit. Your efforts count, and the possibilities are that you get a deal. 

Focus on Long-Term Rentals:

Property owners and dealers prefer long-term rental agreements. If you have been planning for years, it is best to state it clearly. Long-term rentals get better rents. 

Be Polite and Professional:

Finally, but not least, when dealing with property, be polite and professional. Negotiation does not necessarily have to be adversarial. Explain your situation and budget clearly, and be willing to compromise on minor details. 

Final Thoughts:

Finding an apartment around TCU isn’t a victory, but exploring the right fit for your needs and budget-friendly deals can be counted as a big win. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog to make a better decision about your new home. Contact Purple Housing if you need any kind of help finding rental properties near TCU. We have excellent deals for newcomers and offer unique property solutions for students. You can book an appointment by clicking the “Book an Appointment” button. Remember, Purple Housing is just a call away from you.

Tips For Touring Apartment Around TCU And Negotiating Rents

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